Pink Fire Pointer What's Happening This Week? PARTY!

What's Happening This Week? PARTY!

PA-PA-PAR-PAR-PARTY!!! (P.S. this picture was featured on the second page in the Trail Daily Times today! Much better in colour, though, no?)

So, from all of us at the Beaver Valley Public Library, you are invited to ...
Our Flyer for the Event!
Yay! I'm so excited, yet also a little sad, since this marks our last week of the Summer Reading Club and therefore drawing to a close my time this summer at the Beaver Valley Public Library! :(

Sara, Zoe, Michael and Sam are getting excited for our party this Thursday!
In the meantime though, I am looking forward to the bouncy castle!!!, the tie-dye-ing!!!, and games and just EVERYTHING coming up for the party at the Montrose Park this week! I hope to see you there!

Today, Susan and Stephanie joined me to practise some tie-dye-ing at my house, since we are planning to have a section at the party this Thursday devoted to tie-dye-ing capes! We shall indeed be assembling some super heroes at the party!
Our materials and finished product!

Here's some pictures of us assembling our capes! Although I did screw up my iron-on logo on my cape! Whoops!

Our twist-tied, tie-dye-ed abominations!

Me posing with Stephanie's super Twist-tied cape!

Ta da! Susan with her cape!
We definitely had a blast making our capes! So fun and easy with this spray kit Rhonda had in the craft room of the Library! It only came with 3 colours: purple, black, and gray - and really I saw no difference between the gray and black, so 2 colours really!
Super Susan! To the rescue!
I'm thinking that tomorrow, or rather today, at work that I'll be doing some further embellishing on our capes! If only we had a be-dazzler at the library! ... maybe Rhonda has one!

Anyways, these capes were fun, they'll make a hero out of all of us, definite superheroes!
Happy Reading guys! Hope to see you at the library this week, or if not there at the Montrose Park this Thursday for some games, a picnic, fun, bouncy castle, prizes, just everything really! It's going to be sooooo fun!