Pink Fire Pointer Week 6 - A Trick of Light? with the Young Professors!

Week 6 - A Trick of Light? with the Young Professors!

Time to Colour! Wheeeeew!
So this Wednesday marked the second to last week of our Young Professors programming for the Summer Reading Club! (sad face :( ) The theme we talked about today was "A Trick of Light", so we discussed mysterious and uncertain happenings! We started off talking about sea monsters! So we all coloured some colouring sheets from the Summer Reading Club website:

This is the colouring sheet we worked on:

After our colouring escapades we read through "Sophie and the Sea Monster" by Don Gillmor and illustrated by Michael Martchenko, a book that I've mentioned quite a few times this week, but you can definitely check out my review for it here:

The kids liked the book, as I read to them I asked them questions and quizzed them on why the moon orbits the earth! Answer: Gravity!

After our story time we went into one of my favourite games, one that I generally call The Human Knot! You've probably played it before, SINCE ITS AWESOME! But here are the rules:
      • you probably first want to alert everyone that hands will be held and you will be very very close to each other, so its always good to check that that's okay with everyone!
      • now that that's cleared, get everyone to stand in a circle, a fairly close to each other! 
      • get everyone to put a hand into the circle and get them to grab another person's hand, only one person should be holding the other person's hand! So no triple holding or grabbing someone's wrist! 
      • Once that's done get everyone to put their other hand into the circle and grab someone else's hand, not the same person's hand! OK? OK!
      • And now! We have our monstrous knot! Everyone's tangled and bunched and now working together the knot must unwind without letting go of any hands! 
      • Make sure the kids don't hurt each other! And for an added challenge tell the kids that not to talk at all! :O It gets tough, and fun! 
Here's some pictures of the Young Professors trying to untie their knot!

After a couple of rounds of The Human Knot game, we moved on to another knotty/tangle game! Look for me explaining it in Week 6's Mad Scientist's post: (will post soon!) 

After that, I unleashed Cody to pick up his prize! He and his sister Kyleen won the draw last week! Here's a happy Cody and Kyleen with their chosen prizes!

And here's Cohen! He has fun with our whiteboard and drew out a whole cityscape for us!