Pink Fire Pointer Week 5 - Airplanes in the Sky with the Little Einsteins!

Week 5 - Airplanes in the Sky with the Little Einsteins!

The Little Einsteins, flying their planes, being led by their pilot Rhonda!
 This Tuesday we had a lovely group of Little Einsteins! Rhonda planned out a day of high-flying and safe landings as their theme this week was Airplanes!

Rhonda picked out lots of awesome books to read, including a great Robert Munsch book and sang a selection of songs with the kids!

They also played airplane acting games! Here's some pictures of the kids pretending to be airplanes in the sky and playing games with Rhonda!

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Zoe: our mini Einstein for the day! Adorable!

Today's craft was making awesome hanging airplanes! The kids got to deck out their little planes with stickers and all sorts of lovely things!

Also we are very gracious and send our thanks to Pacific Coastal Airlines of Trail who gave us some fun colouring books for all the kids and little luggage tags as well! Thank you!

It's always nice to have the Little Einsteins grace us with their presence on Tuesday mornings! They are  a great replacement to my usual morning coffee that I live of off during school time, and they definitely brighten up our mornings! See you little ones next week and happy reading!