Pink Fire Pointer Week 5 - Water Week! with the Mad Scientists!!

Week 5 - Water Week! with the Mad Scientists!!

Today's group shot - check out these Mad Scientists! They be cray-ze!
Oho! A whole week late! Here's what we did last week with the Mad Scientists!

We had lots of fun! We watched for the capillary action of water, water bending, and watched the Hank Green video like the Young Professors! We also continued on our Water Week journey by playing with some waterbeads, which I swear, these Mad Scientists would be content playing with these waterbeads hours on end!

Waterbeads! AW YEAH!

Alicen, Haley and Emily playing with some waterbeads!
Sara, (Chloe behind her!), Caleb, Justice and Chase - barely seen! and Kyleen!

Oh! And we were also informed by Miss Emily that Kyleen's birthday was coming up so we sang some impromptu Happy Birthday Songs! :)

I read to them a story from the book: The Kid Who Named Pluto - and the Stories of Other Extraordinary Young People in Science by Marc McCutcheon. What a fantastic book! Its a compilation of stories of young people discovering and creating things to do with science! I had to interlibrary loan it so unfortunately we don't have it here in Beaver Valley, but do look for it elsewhere! Or even come and interlibrary loan it here, like me!

 We read the story about Venetia Burney, who at the age of 11, suggested the name of Pluto to name the newly found Planet X in 1930!

There are many more stories in the book, of which I would have liked to read with the kids, yet alas! time is always of importance and unfortunately the hour we spend together goes by like lightning!

We ended playing some games! And of course by passing out some waterbeads for the kids to take home! Awesome!

Happy Reading!