Pink Fire Pointer Guest Wednesday! - Les Anderson: Tales of Life in North Saskatchewan

Guest Wednesday! - Les Anderson: Tales of Life in North Saskatchewan

So last week was our Summer Reading Club's last week for 2012, and we were graced with our last Guest Wednesday as well. Last week we welcomed Les Anderson to the Beaver Valley Public Library. Les shared with us the incredible stories of his life and childhood as he grew up in the wilds of northern Saskatchewan!

Les was such a great story teller, he told stories from when he was young ranging from having a pet bear, to his brother having a hunting gun as young as 9 years old! :O

I think it was great for the kids to learn about Les' life and how different the times were. No TV, no iPods, no One Direction! Shocking! Even Rhonda and I had our mouths agape in wonder and awe!

One cute story he told us was about his first pet cat that he and his brother found in the wild, which turned out to be a skunk! And not once did their little skunk spray or stink up their cabin!

After listening to all his wonderful stories, the kids were asked to draw something about what they had heard that day! We had lots and lots of cabins with skunks and bears! Here's some of their creations!

Here's Zoe with her cabin and extra scary bear! RAWR!

I'd like to thank Les Anderson for his visit to the library! It was so nice to have met him and to hear of his extraordinary life!

Thank you friends, and happy reading! Tomorrow is my last day at the library!!!!