Pink Fire Pointer Guest Wednesday! - David DeRosa of Teck Cominco Ltd.: The Bugs of Beaver Creek

Guest Wednesday! - David DeRosa of Teck Cominco Ltd.: The Bugs of Beaver Creek

Guest Wednesday!
Look at the lovely audience!
Last week we had a great Guest Wednesday to add to the fantastic group of Guests we've had all summer! Last week's guest? David DeRosa from Cominco! 

David is an avid bug finder and biology-nut! And today he shared with us some lovely samples of local creeks and marshes, in which some crazy critters were found!

David brought lots of tools and nick-nacks for the kids to explore the waters with! The kids loved it! We ewwwwwed and awwwwwed and macawed like cray-cray.... fish!

Here's some of our early birds going at 'er with some magnifying glasses and such!

Once we had all our Young Professors, Mad Scientists, guests and drop-in friends settled into the library and off exploring, we got everyone gathered and settled and David shared his adventures and travels into his field of study: bugs!

David spoke of the early spark of his interest in bugs as a kid bug-watching and net-building. He showed us some examples of the fantastic and easy-made nets that can be made at home with odds and ends. Dip one of these guys into some outdoor water source and get yourself a nice lovely bunch of bugs and such!

After his short presentation we were let lose again to explore the samples so generously brought in by David! Here's some pictures of that action!

This was such a great experience, the kids had a blast and kept discovering more and more crawlers in the water and David made some picture sheets on identifying the different bugs and insects!

Thank you Cominco, David and Catherine for making our afternoon awesome! The kids had a blast!

Afterwards I wiped out some waterbeads for the kids to play with! Here's pictures of that!

Be sure to drop by this Wednesday afternoon, for Hanne Smith of Rossland, who spent some time in Africa studying monkeys! She'll be sharing some stories of her adventures on Wednesday from 1-2pm. Here's the poster!

Happy reading my friends!