Pink Fire Pointer Week 6 - Dragons with the Little Einsteins!

Week 6 - Dragons with the Little Einsteins!

Story time with Mrs. Giles! These kids are absolutely adorable!
So this Tuesday the Little Einsteins had lots of fun stretching their imaginations as the theme this week for the little ones was DRAGONS!!!! 

Rhonda started things off as per usual with the Name Box and some classic songs! 

For stories she read through some dragon books! She also read "Sophie and the Sea Monster" by Don Gillmor and illustrated by Michael Martchenko (known to me as the awesome guy who illustrates a lot of Robert Munsch books!

This is such a cute story and hearing Rhonda read it in such an animated and fun way was awesome! The kids enjoyed it immensely - as did I! It has become a favourite of mine this week, as I took it out to read to the Young Professors and Mad Scientists - who loved it just the same! 

Along with that, Rhonda had set up her felt board and did a lovely rendition of 5 little monkeys, re-warped into 5 little dragons! The kids sand along and had a blast!

Even our Mini Einsteins had fun! Rhonda even read the classic Paper Bag Princess! AWESOME! The kids really enjoyed that, I mean, who won't!??!

Rhonda came up with an awesome craft for the kids today! And accordion-like Dragon that the kids got to colour in and then glue onto the popsicle-accordion contraptions that Rhonda pre-prepped for the kids!

The kids - and parents - had fun colouring in their dragons, they added some stickers and tissue paper to adorn their dragons and make them colourfully ferocious!

Rhonda managed to snag herself a little baby Einstein whilst the crafty kids crafted away!

And I managed to get an impromptu photo shoot with brothers Ben and Tim, who proudly showed off their finished masterpieces!

I love this picture!
Some Mini Einsteins! - Veronica managed to make her own dragon!

I was surprised to see an old family friend! Kiara's (see above picture!) grandma has known me since I was a baby! Shockingly, her great-grandmother, was one of my mom's first friends when see moved to Trail ages ago from the Philippines, and she taught my mom how to drive! So I used to babysit Kiara since she was young, and now I feel awfully old!!! Goodness me! But as always, it was nice to see her in our library!

With their newly crafted dragons, the kids joined Rhonda for some more stories and songs!

Brothers Chesney and Corbin! 
And that was the day for the Little Einsteins! They left the library full of books and with their new dragon friends!

I also managed to snap some of the most adorable pictures of Miss Veronica as she waited for her mom and brother to check out some books!

Adorable! I mean really! Such a cutie!

Well as for that, happy reading friends! And don't forget that next week, sadly, will be our last week! GAH! And to end our Summer Reading Club we will be having a party to celebrate! All ages, young and old, come and join us at the Montrose Park on Thursday from 10-1!

Here's the poster for the event! I hope I see you there! Although, if you can please RSVP by phoning us at the library, or telling us beforehand! We'd love to know how many people we will be expecting!