Pink Fire Pointer Week 4 - Ants in Your Pants Picnic! with the Little Einsteins!

Week 4 - Ants in Your Pants Picnic! with the Little Einsteins!

Brothers Tim and Ben getting ready for some more stories with our ant crafts! 
This morning Rhonda, our fantastic and awesome children’s librarian, returned back to the library after a weekend wedding down in Vancouver! She came back right into the swing of things and was off running to prepare for the Little Einsteins this morning from 10-11am. This week Rhonda and the Little Einsteins were talking about some fun summer activities! Fishing out on the water and having warm, cozy picnics at the park were topics discussed!


The sing-a-long songs, actions and story time readings enchanted the kids! They read stories about ants and their crazy shenanigans! After that they went right into the fun craft of the day in making their own egg-carton ants along with some delicious watermelon, hotdogs and ice cream cut outs to appease their ants’ appetites!

The kids had a blast! Cutting out and gluing odds and ends together, bending their ants’ pipe cleaner antennae and legs, and my favourite thing! – watching the parents and guardians help out their little ones in crafting away their crafts!

Working together in the family! :) 
Now I hope you don't all mind! But today I went CRAZY with the camera so about 90% of this post will be pictures! click on the pictures to enlarge them and use your arrow keys to flip through! Enjoy! And happy reading!! Click the read more link to read the rest see more pictures!

Our mini Einsteins for the day! 2 cuties!

Lauren is listening very attentively to the craft instructions!

Craft time!
Natasha working on her ant friends

The little babies joined by Lauren who couldn't stay away! Sorry about the blurriness of the photo! My focusing skills are not on par with the pros!

So focused!

Smiles! :) 
Craft table!
Mini Einsteins!
Do pardon me! But I just couldn't choose which pictures I liked most so I give you all the cute pictures of our mini Einsteins! Seriously! How could I even think of not posting any of these adorable keys! These little ones are always a joy to have to brighten our gloomy mornings! :)

Okay! Back to crafts!

I love this picture! It's like he just came back from the field after a hard days work!