Pink Fire Pointer Science Week! Huzzah!

Science Week! Huzzah!

Here at the library I've started setting up for our Science Week! Yay, I'm excited!

Last week, for our guest Wednesday, the kids planted some plants for the environment thanks to the lovely people from Columbia Basin Water Smart: Diana, Ryan and Marnie! Here's some pictures of a few of the plants that were left behind (you guys need to pick 'em up this week! - although they do make nice company in the library!). We planted them last Wednesday (our Guest Wednesday - see the blogpost about it here: and already they are sprouting hardcore!

Since I already had my camera out for the day, I went about and took some more pictures of this week's events! I went gaga over some rediscovered Magic School Bus books!

And of course, here are some of the books we will be flipping through this week with the Young Professors and Mad Scientists! Have you read any of these?

And we can't forget a friendly hello from our robots and crazy octopus!

Happy Reading! See you in the library!