Pink Fire Pointer St. Patrick's Day Special: Top 10 Irish Fiction Books

St. Patrick's Day Special: Top 10 Irish Fiction Books

While doing everything in my power to avoid St. Patrick’s Day today (amateur hour, hello!), I was, naturally, bombarded with all things Irish while trying to push my way through the throngs of people downtown waiting for the parade.  While trying not to get run over by strollers, I noticed that the interblogonetasphere is busy recommending various best of the Irish lists today, so not to be left out, I decided to make my own top 10 list!

10. Patrick McCabe – Breakfast on Pluto: A Novel

I actually bought this book years ago when I was living in France on a study abroad and desperate for any and every English language book I could find. I was in Dublin for New Years and honestly spent most of my time there haunting the bookshops. I picked this crazy book up on a whim and I’m really glad I did.  How could a book about the adventures of a transsexual woman named Pussy who moves from Ireland to London and becomes a prostitute and then a suspect in an IRA bombing NOT be awesome?  In addition, it was also short-listed for the 1998 Booker Prize and was made into a movie a few years ago starring Cillian Murphy.

Now before I get too carried away, I want to keep this short and sweet because we've all obviously got some Irish whiskey to drink. So, without further ado, my completely unqualified and unexplained list:

9. John Banville – The Sea

8. Joseph O’Connor – Star of the Sea

7. Frank O’Connor – Collected Stories

6. Roddy Doyle – Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha

5. William Trevor – Selected Stories


3. Elizabeth Bowen – The Last September

1. James Joyce – Ulysses