Pink Fire Pointer #FridayReads!


Hooray, it’s Friday! Lately my favorite part of Friday, aside from getting to wear jeans at work, has been #FridayReads! Friday Reads is the brain child of Beth Anne Patrick AKA The Book Maven. Ms. Patrick has blogged about books for various organizations (like Publisher’s Weekly and Barnes and Noble) and currently runs a web-TV show focusing on books, called ‘The Book Studio’.  Recently, she began encouraging people to post what they were reading each Friday on twitter using the hashtag #FridayReads and soon its popularity spread all over the internet. Now it’s up for a Mashable Award for Best Internet Meme (To vote, go to Mashable, sign in under twitter or facebook, then select “Best Internet Meme category, then vote for #FridayReads once a day until December 15th!)  

As if sharing what you were reading with your friends wasn't fun enough, every time #FridayReads hits another 1,000 posters, there are lots of awesome prizes given away, like signed copies of books, lit magazine subscriptions and first editions, thanks to generous donations from publishers and indie media!

What I love about #FridayReads is its philosophy – “The more people who share what they're reading, the more people get excited about reading. And when people get excited about reading all sorts of incredible things happen...we get smarter; we think more; we're entertained; we learn things...the list is endless”

That’s exactly why I love books and reading and posting about what I’m reading. The more I talk about books, the more other people talk about books and the more people get EXCITED about books. I started pushing my Goodreads updates to twitter as an experiment and was really surprised and excited to see how that was able to start conversations with other people about the books I was reading.  

So, without further ado, my #FridayReads are Arkansas by John Brandon and The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman.  What are your #FridayReads? (And don’t forget to post it to twitter too!)